Cityscale Istanbul (2011)

Arbeiten / Ausstellungen


Siemens Sanat; Istanbul, 14.09 – 13.11.2011

Cityscale is realized in the framework of the parallel events program of the 12th Istanbul Biennial.
Artists: Gülçin Aksoy, AtılKunst, Annegret Bleisteiner, Klaus vom Bruch, Carlotta Brunetti, Department für öffentliche Erscheinungen, Deniz Gül, Julia Lohmann, Suat Ögüt, Hülya Özdemir, Susanne Pittroff, Michaela Rotsch, Robert Stumpf, Yeni Anıt;
Spread the rug out on the ground that belongs to everyone and nobody. Take everything out of the bags you have brought with you. Now the game begins: the stage is on the banks of the treeless city, there where the towering highrises form a backdrop.
Such banks could be anywhere – they are transitional zones. From the private to the public, from families to strangers, from ownership to no-man’s-land, from the everyday to leisure time. This is where imaginary buildings can be created – without walls – that can only be seen by those who have built them. At the same time, in the same place: talking to one another, eating, living – a temporary city emerges: the picnic city.
In keeping with the transient pattern of its fundamental structure that is both carefully laid down and ephemeral, the delicate network of actions and relationships of its protagonists can be seen as the antithesis of the conventions and constructs of everyday urban life that simultaneously start to crumble.
Text: Dagmar Schott, translation: Christopher Wynne
Curators Cityscale: Françoise Heitsch, Deniz Erbas
Advisory Curators: Beral Madra,
Dr. Cornelia Osswald Hoffmann

…The works in the exhibition deal with spaces, processes, objects and their relational positions, as well as with communication channels that effect city life, and consumption habits, movements, thinking and action models of the people. Works with different techniques and attitudes are displayed side by side indicating many neglected or invisible details that in fact fostering the texture of the city. Thus, even if it has different historical, geographical and cultural components, a total scape consisting of the organism that we name „the city“ is being revealed on a common ground of individual design, imagination and apprehension and it is
In Istanbul, Cityscale exhibition is realized in Siemens Sanat Gallery with the works of the artists as documented in a catalogue.