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Taking the relationship between people and space as a starting point, Susanne Pittroff works with signs and systems of signs. In her spatial installations and objects she includes writing, pictograms, road and sportsfield markings and scales. They are signs from cultural, scientific or social contexts which give individuals or groups of people a certain point of orientation; they regulate movement within a given space and sometimes issue warnings, prohibitions or commands.

Susanne Pittroff plays with encoded messages which are known in our cultural circle but have been freed of their original meaning and embedded in a new context. Since the connotations are anchored in the subconscious, their use in a new artistic environment can be unnerving while at the same time leading to unaccustomed visual, spatial or social experiences. By continuously expanding her repertoire of signs, Susanne Pittroff creates new possibilities for varying her works of art.

The artist’s minimalistic, associative art questions the logic of the established rules. In a playful manner she succeeds in breaking up known patterns of perception by making an interaction with the viewer a prerequisite.


Simone Simpson
translated by Christopher Wynne, 2007

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